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Title: Synergistic or characterized by Trade-offs? Hybridity and Performance of Dairy Cooperatives in India

Journal Article: Conditional accept in World Development

Abstract: India has come a long way in achieving milk security since it attained independence in 1947. In the 1950s, India had to import about 55000 tons of milk powder. However by 2018-19 it had become one of the largest producers of milk in the world. The credit for this goes to the successful promotion of dairy cooperatives (DCs) in India. However, milk productivity in the country has continued to lag behind global averages. Therefore in order to increase milk productivity in the country, the National Dairy Plan (NDP) was launched in 2011-12. Nonetheless, limited research appears to have been conducted on the effect of NDP on DC performance. Therefore, this article analyzes the effect of NDP on DC performance by conceptualizing DCs as hybrid organizations. However, there is limited research on how the hybridization of cooperatives affects their performance. Regression analysis of data collected via surveys and secondary research on ninety-six Indian DCs reveals that NDP is imbibing characteristics of hybrid organizations in Indian DCs. However, in contrast to theoretical literature on hybridization of organizations, Indian DCs are characterized by synergetic outcomes and not by trade-offs. Not only are these DCs trying to maximize their sales and profit, they are also paying equal attention to the quality of milk. In addition, they are also trying to adhere to traditional cooperative values such as community inclusion.

Photos from the field. Credit: Dr. Rakesh Arrawatia

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