16. 18-Mar-2018: Half-marathon during the 2018 Utrecht Science Park Marathon - This Marathon has been dubbed as the ‘ Arctic Marathon’ because weather conditions during the event were brutal: sub-zero temperatures with real feel temperatures of -10 degree Celsius and wind speeds of up-to 40 km/hr.


15. 16-Apr-2016: During my 1st 100 mile (160 km) ride and 10th 100+ km bike ride - While the rest of Bloomington was busy with the Little 500 racing competition, a friend and I decided that we would go ahead and complete our first 100 mile bike ride on the same day! And complete we did! The photo on the top was clicked just before we began our ride at 745 am; the photo in the lower half was taken at around 145 pm - at the 50 mile mark - with temperatures soaring to 84 F by 3 pm, you can imagine how tired we were by the time we returned back! The ride was from Bloomington, Indiana to Dugger, Indiana and back.We may be getting old, but our ability to endure increases with every passing day! Photo credit: Sudipta


14. 01-Nov-2015: During my 9th 100 km bike ride - This photo was taken at the 69 km stage - We wanted to complete 100 miles (160 km) but we could only do 113 km - the elevation profile was killing. Photo Clicked near Brownstown, Indiana, USA. Photo credit: Sudipta


13. 27-Sep-2015: Midway through my first 140 km bike ride! At Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan, Indiana, USA. We wanted to do 100 miles but we messed up our timings a bit. Photo credit: Sudipta


12. 29-Aug-2015: Mid way through my first 100 km ride in the US. What a day! 15 C and 3 hours through cold rain! My 7th overall! Photo clicked on Lake Michigan near Fort Sheridan, IL, USA. Photo credit: Sudipta


11. 01-May-2015: During my 6th 100 km bike ride - while returning from ChikkaTirupathi near Bangalore, India


10. 19-Apr-2015: Taking a break under the early morning sun while biking to and from Madhura Nagar near Bangalore, India. Photo credit: Kalyan


9. 25-Jan-2015: My 2nd 100 km bike ride - During a particularly arduous uphill climb while biking back from Manchanabale Dam near Bangalore, India. Photo Credit: Reddy


8. 16-Jan-2015: My first ever 100+ km ride -- the Spoils of War: Zebra-crossing all over my body -- While Biking to and from Devanahalli Fort near Bangalore, India


7. 27-Nov-2013: My new sub-zero winter biking gear -- near WIC, Indiana University Bloomington, USA. Photo Credit: Akshay & Sandesh


6. 18-Oct-2013: Early morning at 6 C with the rising sun on my face -- Biking to Lemon Lake, Indiana, USA. Photo Credit: Sreekanth


5. 02-Jan-2013: Riding into the Sunset at -8 C at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. Photo Credit: Zeeshan


4. 22-Oct-2011: During the early days of my life as a doctoral student -- at Pine Grove on Monroe Lake, Indiana, USA. Photo Credit: Wazim


3. 10-Jul-2010: When my bike got punctured somewhere inside the Bannerghatta National Park, and a friendly truck driver drove me back to the nearest highway near Bangalore, India


2. 18-Jun-2010: While biking to and from the Bangalore International Airport, India. Photo Credit: Praveen


1. 28-Jul-2008: Probably my first photo on a bike. I had just begun biking regularly -- biking daily to and from my apartment to the KPMG office in Bangalore, India -- a total journey of about 6 to 8 km. Photo Credit: Unknown


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